BAI President Linda Chavez joined a group of national leaders to discuss strategy at the in Washington, DC, Oct. 23. Chavez will participate on a panel moderated by ABC News director Rick Klein. Joining Chavez was joined by Doug Holz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and now president of the American Action Forum; Robert Jones, president of the Public Religion Research Institute; and Manuel Pastor, professor of sociology at the University of Southern California. The conference was organized by the National Immigration Forum and included leaders from the faith and business communities as well as public policy experts from around the nation.
“Immigrants have been the lifeblood of American prosperity since our founding. By providing opportunities to newcomers, we enrich all Americans,” Chavez says. Her remarks focused on the successful integration of immigrants into the American mainstream. The event took place at the Ronald Reagan Building and the entire proceedings can be viewed here.