The Supreme Court decided not to hear a case from Nebraska challenging a state law that prohibited landlords from renting to persons who are not legal U.S. residents.  By refusing to take the case, the Court let stand a June 2013 ruling from the 8th Circuit, which upheld the law.   This is the third time this year that the High Court has declined to take up a law aimed at illegal immigrants.  Its last ruling in a case involving anti-illegal immigration efforts in the states was in 2012 when it upheld portions of an Arizona law.  The Nebraska law requires all renters to obtain an occupancy license before being allowed to rent.  Renters must declare that they are legally present in the U.S. and gives police the right to check the legal status of renters. If they are found not to be legally present, their license to rent property may be revoked.  Only a handful of jurisdictions have placed a restriction on renting to illegal immigrants.